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I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in English, Mass Communication, and Communication Studies. I love to explore how humans interact, communicate, and why we like the things we do. My passion for marketing developed during my five years with Aspen Heights Partners.

During that time, I was able to improve my skills in marketing, social media, and learned how to deliver true customer service. I'm a coffee, craft beer, and Texas wine apologist & will use an ampersand any chance I get. I look forward to walks with my Australian Shepherd and travels around the world.

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The Good Year

The desire to simplify and be content -- the need for materialistic things. Collecting to impress who? My life needs more good. By Good I mean less emails, more time throwing the frisbee for my dog kind of good. Less time scrolling through instagram thinking about all of the things I don't have and more time being thankful for the things I do have. Less FOMO, more feelings of contentment. Not purchase things just because, if I already have something in my closet that I can wear, I'll do that first. Heck, I'm not opposed to borrowing things, but if I do make a purchase, it will be for quality items.

This idea didn't come to mind overnight. For a little over a year I've allowed my mind to be as open as a freshman at Sara Laurence. I've accepted and stored info in my mind and through this time have really been moved. Living simply has something that I've always been interested in but thought, that's not for me. I've taken in a lot of material and have allowed it to really encourage me to being this year long experiment/journey. I've been inspired by Emily Ley's Grace Not Perfection, blogger Hannah Cross with Homemade Banana, Brighton Keller, Brighton The Day, The True Cost, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondō.

Save money --need to buy the latest trends for the season. We're at a time in our life where we could go a couple of different routes. If we make smart decisions now, we will be set up for success for years down the road -- especially for when we grow our family. I want everything. I can't scroll through instagram without adding things to my to do list. This culture of wanting stuff constantly and never feeling good enough. There will always be that season's earrings that I want or shoes and If I totaled it up I would guess I spent about xxx on shoes, clothes, and jewelry alone. Which I know is not that much, for some, but when you think about how you that could've gone toward paying off student loans or our car, it seems like a lot to me.

Fashion -- good finds. I'm kind of of excited about it. I grew up on going to Goodwill with my mom and treasure hunting to see who could find the best name brands for the lowest price. Another one of my favorite things about shopping at goodwill is the perfect balance of coming across (treasures) that are one of a kind, a suede vest from mexico, a dress that someone probably sewed with their grandma (fantasizing here or reaching)But also that top you wanted from H&M last year but they never had in your size. Those leopard print flats from target that you loved but left at a hotel in Portland (oops). You can find them again!

So Follow along with me on instagram to see what I find at a Stay tuned to Find out why I've decided to shop solely at Goodwill for clothes, shoes, and accessories for an entire year.

I'm located deep
in the heart of Texas.